Final 5 Manistique Farmers’ Markets for 2011!

Don’t be caught wondering how you missed out on the 2011 Manistique Farmers’ Market, you still have five opportunities to purchase wonderful local produce, baked goods, honey, meats, and eggs! The last markets of 2011 will be on Wednesdays from 4-6pm, August 31st through September 28th.

Your shopping list for the Manistique Farmers’ Market through September 2011 – 

Apples: Stop by the vendor tables of Grandview Farms and Jim & Linda for Michigan apples. Probably be 2-3 weeks before we have many apples though. But ask them about their schedule!

Baked Goods: You can find some of the best baked goods around from the following vendors at the Manistique Farmers’ Market: Bear-A-Villa Acres, Bella Farm, Grandview Farm, and Henrichsens. You’ll find everything from breads, cookies, pies, rolls and more!

Beef Sticks: If you haven’t tried the beef sticks from High Post Farms, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Beeswax Products: Stop by Indian Lake Honey and chat with Ed & Jan for the best Beeswax products in the UP!

Beets: Bear-A-Villa Acres, Grandview Farm, Jim & Linda, and Mike Tansy. It will likely be another week or two before there is a good supply of beets. Seems everything is running a little late this year.

Berries: Blackberries and blueberries remain in good supply at the market. Stop by the following vendors: Grandview Farm, Henrichsens and Rondeau’s Ruff Acres.

Broccoli: Bella Farm, Jude & Barbara Collins, and High Post Farms may have some fresh broccoli into September.

Cabbage: Bear-A-Villa Acres, Bella Farm, Jude & Barbara Collins, Henrichsens, High Post Farm, and Jim & Linda. Here’s Jim with a head of cabbage, having fun at a recent market: 

Celery: Beautiful, fresh green bunches of celery from High Post Farm.

Chard: You may still be able to pick up some swiss chard from Grandview Farm into September.

Chicken: Fresh frozen chicken (free-range!) from LaBar Poultry Farm!

Chinese Lanterns/Tomatillos: Not only are these beautiful, but the fruit is oh so tasty!

Cucumbers/Pickles: Bear-A-Villa, High Post Farm, and Jim & Linda

Eggs: Fresh and organic, from Bear-A-Villa, Henrichsens, High Post Farm, and LaBar Poultry

Flour Tortillas:  You won’t want any other tortillas once you try the best from Collins Farm & Mill!

Flower Bouquets:  Nothing brightens up your home or office faster than fresh (and local!) flowers, from Collins Farm & Mill, and Grandview Farm.

Fresh Herbs: Checkout Grandview Farm for some fresh herbs.

Garlic: Did you know that the UP is a wonderful place for growing garlic? If you’ve never tried fresh garlic, then you must stop by and see Bella Farm, Collins Farm & Mill, and Mike Tansy to try some of the varieties of garlic grown in the UP.

Green Beans: It’s been a great year for beans in the UP. Stock up for freezing or canning at Bear-A-Villa Acres, Bella Farm, Jude & Barbara Collins, Jim & Linda, and Mike Tansy.

Ground Beef:  A burger made from High Post Farm ground beef is second to none!

Honey/Honey products:  Ed & Jan Wright from Indian Lake Honey must have very happy bees, because they certainly have the sweetest honey!

Jams:  Find some fresh, yummy jams from Bella Farm and Grandview Farm.

Kale:  Jude and Barbara Collins have started a Kale addiction with the regulars at the Manistique Farmers’ Market. Pick up a recipe for how to make Kale Chips … you can’t eat just one!

Kidney Beans: If you didn’t know that garlic grows in the UP, chances are you have not heard about UP kidney beans! Get them right from the grower – Collins Farm & Mill.

Kohlrabi: Try it, you’ll like it! Stop by Henrichsens at the Manistique Farmers’ Market.

Lettuce:  Jim & Linda will have lettuce for all the bunnies on your grocery list.

Melons: As long as you’re picking up some lettuce from Jim & Linda, don’t forget to get a melon or three while you’re at their table.

Mustards: One more delicious reason to stop at the table from Indian Lake Honey (look for the bee!).

Onions: Bear-A-Villa Acres, High Post Farms, and Jim & Linda have onions for all of your cooking needs.

Peppers: Stop by Bear-A-Villa Acres, Bella Farm, and Jim & Linda’s for hot and mild peppers.

Potatoes: Bear-A-Villa Acres and Jim & Linda have a variety of potatoes. Reds and whites!

Pumpkins:  Nothing says autumn quite like a pumpkin. Before the end of September, you’ll be able to pick up pumpkins from Bear-A-Villa Acres, High Post Farms, and Jim & Linda.

Rutabagas: Stop by Jude & Barbara Collins’ vendor table for some rutabagas, and then stop by the recipe table for ideas on preparation (of course in the UP, everyone knows you need rutabagas to make a traditional pasty!).

Squash: Summer squash are in at the market, and winter squash are expected soon! Bear-A-Villa Acres, Jude & Barbara Collins, Grandview Farm, Jim & Linda, and Mike Tansy

Sunflower Heads: A great way to feed the birds this winter. Stop by Collins Farm & Mill while you’re at the market.

Sweet Corn:  Is there anything better than just picked sweet corn? Like other things, corn has been a little late in this part of the UP, but we’re getting more each week. High Post Farm and Jim & Linda.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes of all shapes and sizes available from: Bear-A-Villa Acres, Bella Farm, Jude & Barbara Collins, High Post Farms, Jim & Linda, and Mike Tansy.

Wheatberries:  Check these out at Collins Farm & Mill. Hundreds of ways to prepare and use this wonderful part of the wheat in your recipes. 

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The Manistique Farmers' Market is located in Michigan's Beautiful Upper Peninsula. Our 6th season begins Wednesday May 20th, 2015. The MFM will be open Wednesdays from 4-6pm through September 16th. We are a farm and food Market, featuring local produce, honey, maple syrup, eggs, beef, fresh Lake Michigan whitefish, plus a variety of baked goods and jams. Get Fresh! Get Local!

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